RPC bpi protec develops packaging with 30% post-consumer recyclate content and 100% recyclability in one shrink film

RPC bpi protec Shrink Film

Demand for packaging having minimum impact on the environment is increasing as the customers, and the consumers want to ensure the use of recycled content and delivering full recyclability. Maximization of the sustainability of the chosen packaging solutions, while still providing effective protection and improve the brand of their goods, is what, the manufacturers are looking for.

RPC bpi protec has developed a new X-EnviroShrink contains 30% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) as well as being 100% recyclable itself. The new packaging fully meets the latest government proposals for plastic packaging and one of the most sustainable solutions for the collation and multi-packing of goods.

The ultra-low carbon footprint of the Sustane recycled polymer from RPC bpi recycled products enables X-EnviroShrink to achieve a new standard in shrink film technology that combines recycled content with the full recyclability.

A recent survey of 1,000 British consumers conducted by RPC bpi protec, shows that 83% were more likely to choose products with either less packaging or recyclable packaging, and 82% to use the services of a company that makes an effort to recycle and cut down waste. This shows that many consumers give lots of importance to sustainability while making purchase decisions.

X-EnviroShrink is available in plain as well as printed version and is the most suited collation shrink for a wide variety of products and markets, from beverage cans and bottles to canned food and cartons.

David Lumley, Managing Director of RPC bpi protec, said, “The sustainability of all packaging is a paramount requirement for brands and consumers. X-EnviroShrink ideally meets this need by both reusing plastic and delivering the protection, functionality and cost-effectiveness that are equally essential – and all within a fully recyclable film.”

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