Röchling on growth trajectory in Medical and Industrial Technology

FRANK plastic AGThe Röchling Group, headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim, a global company specializing in plastics, has taken over FRANK plastic AG, headquartered in Waldachtal, Baden-Württemberg, is a provider of medical and industrial technology. Röchling has also taken over Precision Medical Products, U.S., a medical technology specialist a week before. The takeover of FRANK plastic AG and Precision Medical Products indicates that Rochling is continuing to move on a growth trajectory.

Prof. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, CEO of Röchling Group and In-charge of the Medical division, talking about the takeover of FRANK plastic AG, said, “With this acquisition, we are continuing to pursue our growth strategy in the medical and industrial segment. FRANK plastic AG perfectly complements our product portfolio, our production technologies, and our customer structure. He went on to note that in terms of size, focus, technical expertise and cultural qualities, FRANK plastic AG fits very well into the network of Röchling companies. Its Waldachtal site will be the starting point for national and international success.”

“With FRANK plastic we have the option of cultivating additional client potential, especially in the growing medical technology market,” commented, Joachim Lehmann, BU Director Medical Europe for the Röchling Group.

FRANK plastic AG, founded in 1940 in Waldachtal near Freudenstadt in the Black Forest, a family firm, has grown from being a technology provider for various industry segments to a being manufacturer that focuses on the medical segment such as cardiology, infusions, angiography (CT/MRI), surgery and ophthalmology and other select industrial segments. During the financial year 2017, the FRANK Group had revenues of EUR 32.4 million.

Ferdinand Piëch of Ferdinand Piëch Beteiligungs GmbH, commented, “Our alliance with the international corporate network of the Röchling Group gives the employees in Waldachtal good prospects for the future.”

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