Röchling Group expands its existing plant in Brensbach with smart factory production conditions

Röchling Group Opens Smart Factory

Investing EUR 7.2 million in the new section of the plant, the Röchling Group has expanded and upgraded its existing plant located in Brensbach in the Odenwald Mountains.

Röchling will carry out production in cleanrooms conforming to GMP Grade C standards and under smart factory conditions. High-precision plastic products are being manufactured at the facility since 2008 by Röchling Medical.

Prof. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, CEO of the Röchling Group and head of the Medical division, said, “By expanding and upgrading our facility in Brensbach, we are responding to the strong growth in our Medical division.”

The Medical division provides a wide range of standardized and customized plastic products to customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, surgery, and life sciences.

Joachim Lehmann, Director of the Medical BU in Europe, commented, “Our high-quality products are used in innovative drug delivery systems, primary packaging systems, surgical instruments, and disposable diagnostic items. The products are manufactured in Brensbach in cleanrooms meeting the criteria for ISO Classes 7 and 8 as laid out in DIN EN ISO 14644.”

Under the expansion program, the current cleanroom space has been increased to double to  2,000 square meters and upgraded. The upgrade conforms to the stricter requirements for Grade C. The new cleanroom has adopted the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) establishing special criteria for production processes and operations under tighter hygiene regulations.

Röchling Medical has built a design for the new building that offers maximum flexibility to enable injection molding and assembly systems to be fully integrated into the cleanroom. The flexibility in the new rooms ensures that machinery can be repositioned or replaced quickly to fulfill the constantly changing requirements on the pharmaceutical market, especially in the area of injection molding.

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