Röchling Expands Wackersdorf Plant; Puts into Operation

Roechling Wackersdorf Plant ExpansionRöchling Automotive, the plastics specialist, has been through with the expansion of its Wackersdorf unit, way before it had planned. Recently, it held a party at the plant to rejoice the formal commissioning of the production facilities, new spaces, and warehouses.

Röchling Automotive Germany SE & Co. KG’s Commercial Manager in Worms, Evelyn Thome said,“We are glad that our expansion project was completed so smoothly, thanks also to the support from the community and the local construction companies.” As per the report, the capital overheads for the plant expansion and restoration equaled EUR 4.5 million.

The Wackersdorf plant is majorly catering to the company’s patrons in southern Germany for 18 long years, thus contributing a big deal to the company’s success. At 2014/15 turn, Röchling purchased a property covering 21,400sq. m. close to its Wackersdorf site in the industrial area. Thus, it expanded the premises’ total size up to 58,500 sq. m.The group built a 1,200sq. m. warehouse in 2015 summer for lightweight-designed spare parts services on its newly purchased land. Following the same, it expanded its old plant. The company widened its production hall, comprising social and engineering areas, by 2,300 sq. m.; with its logistics warehouse expanded by 3,000sq. m.; the logistics canopy/empty packaging space by 1,200sq. m.; and the engineering space by 250 sq. m.

In all, it expanded the production facility to 5,700 sq. m. along with the logistics space to 7,700sq. m. This year, Röchling will launch an advanced warehouse management system in its logistics warehouse, which will allow for technology-backed loading and unloading.

Plant Manager Karl-Heinz Blöth explicated the reasons behind the expansion at the opening festivities.Röchling Automotive’s Executive Board and management, customers, employees, and representatives from local businesses and politics, all attended the festivities. The major reasons included various new orders, growing call orders from BMW, particularly for the BMW X1 and the new 5 and 6 series.

The company manufactures hi-tech plastic components for the automobile manufacturer for engine compartment, air flap control, underbody ,air and water management, and air induction system. It had invested in an injection molding machine featuring a 500-metric-ton clamping force,a foam application system, and plate welding system.Reportedly, it will put into operation a 2,300-metric-ton injection molding machine in May, with an 800-metric-ton machine by this year’s end.

“Röchling Automotive is one of the major employers in our region and is putting its trust in the Wackersdorf location with this important decision for the future,” said Mayor Thomas Falter. The company has 170 employees at the location and is still hiring. Presently, it is providing training to four workers as Process Technicians for Rubber Technologies. The company has already appointed two electrical engineering apprentices for September 2016.

Röchling Automotive is set to grow further at the Wackersdorfunit, which is ready to potentially expand with 15,000 sq. m. of green space available.


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