ReVital Polymers Inc. opens first facility for Container and Plastics Recovery in Canada

REVital PolymerReVital Polymers Inc., a clean technology company, opened the first facility in Canada, and one of the newest and most advanced recovery facilities in North America, that combines a Container Recovery Facility (CRF) and a Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF) in one location.

The facility is a stable, dependable end-market for plastic packaging and products recovered in municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) recycling in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the USA. Its sister CRF, located in New Westminster, British Columbia, is more than $20 million in new investment and is the producer responsibility program (via Recycle BC) for packaging and printed paper (PPP). These are the only two CRFs in Canada.

ReVital’s proprietary process, with state-of-the-art technology to sort and convert recovered plastics into discrete resin types, is tailored to specific customer end-use applications. ReVital improves recovery rates for end-of-life products and packaging, extending material value and utility through better end-of-life management and permits manufacturers and retailers to offer new products that incorporate recycled content.

ReVital also recycles the entire spectrum of paper and metal that is part of the plastic packaging. This fully integrated system closes the recycling loop and provides a viable domestic market in North America that is critical as traditional overseas markets shrink in the wake of China’s National Sword announcement, which proposes a ban on imports of 24 categories of recovered waste resources.

Emterra Group, a national leader in waste resources management, markets more than 500,000 tonnes of recyclables annually. Emterra provides municipal and ICI customers across Canada and in the State of Michigan an integrated approach to collecting, processing and marketing recyclables, organic waste, liquid waste, waste and used tires.

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