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We provide export development services which address the need for the company who are looking to enter the international market or have limited exposure to the international market.

We  research  the potential market, decide market entry strategies & find importers to target the market.

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Limited resources are no longer a constraint for you in entering a foreign market. We craft an end to end B2B e-commerce strategy to penetrate a new market.

We research the potential off-shore market for your product, design you e-commerce website in a foreign language, develop and implement an online marketing strategy to bring in new business.


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Export-Import Market Research Snapshot

Vietnam Trade Of Polypropylene


Vietnam Profile

Vietnam Profile


Vietnam Polypropylene Import Market ( In 2014)


Vietnam imported $1.1 bn (approx.) of Polypropylene resin in 2014. The biggest exporter was Saudi Arab with  42% (approx.) in Vietnam import followed by South Korea and India.



Vietnam Polypropylene Export Market (In 2014)

Vietnam exported  $148 mn (approx.) of Polypropylene resin in 2014. The biggest export market was China with  36% (approx.)  of Vietnam export followed by Philipines and Indonesia.

Export Advantage

Polypropylene Export Comparative Advantage  (In 2014)

Value (In USD thousand)

The bubble chart gives the comparative advantage of exporting Polypropylene to Vietnam.

How to read the chart:

i) The closer the bubble is to 100 the more advantage te country has in exporting Polypropylene to Vietnam than other competing countries.

ii) The larger the bubble size the greater the country is exporting to Vietnam

Example: – Saudi Arab on index 100 is 79.31. It has the highest comparative advantage in exporting than other countries. Also, the bubble size is biggest for Saudi Arab and it is exporting the most Polypropylene to Vietnam market. In 2014 it exported worth $464,046,000 to Vietnam.

Other countries having a good comparative advantage in exporting to Vietnam is Oman (74.66) & South Africa (13.35). Comparative Export Strategy is used by the company to diversify its market and has ease of exporting against its competitors.

Import V/s Tariff

Polypropylene Import Tariff In Vietnam

Import Value (In USD thousand)

Ad valorem equivalent tariff varies from 0 to 1% for polypropylene import in Vietnam. Saudi Arab the largest exporter of polypropylene in Vietnam has 1%. Ad valorem equivalent tariff for lot of countries is 0% for exporting polypropylene to Vietnam

Free Trade Agreement

Vietnam Free Trade Commitment

( Import Tariff Cut Commitment)

FTAAgreementSigned InTariff Cut CommitmentProduct Of Plastics Industry To Be Impacted
ASEAN – China Free Trade Area (ACFTA)Vietnam & China20052015 - 3691 tariff lines cut to 0%- Plastics & plastic materials, machinery, parts and components, computer products, electronic components etc.
2018 - 588 more tariff lines are to be cut to zero- Electric automotive, home appliances, chemicals, automobile’s square parts, construction materials, plastic, etc.
2020 - 475 sensitive tariff lines are to be cut to 5%- Electric cables, electric appliances, rubber products, ceramic, paper, cement, plastic and other industrial products; processed agricultural products; some types of trucks and specialized vehicles etc.
ASEAN – Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA)Vietnam & South Korea20052015 - 2018 : Preferential import duty-Agricultural products, equipment and their parts, etc
2018 - Eliminate 86% of total tariff lines
2021 - Remaining 14% will be reduced to 5%- Electronics, mechanics, machinery parts, some types of specialized cars
ASEAN – Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP)Vietnam & Japan20082015 - 2874 headings with the rate 0%-
2018 - Eliminating 62.2% of the tariff lines- Plastic materials, chemicals, machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts, computers, electronic products, electronic components etc.
2025 - Delete another 26.4% of the tariff lines rate-
ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA)Vietnam & Asean20092014 - 6897 tariff lines cut to 0% in 2014-
2015 - Additional 1709 tariff lines has been cut to 0%.
2018 - 669 tariff lines (7% of total) mainly for sensitive commodities will be cut to 0%- Automobiles, auto cycles, spare parts of automobiles and auto cycles, home electronics such as fridge, air-conditioner
ASEAN – India Free Trade Agreement (AIFTA)Vietnam & India20092021 - Eliminate 80% of tariff lines-
2024 - 10% of the remaining tariff lines- Home appliances, machines, equipment, etc
ASEAN - Australia - NewZealand (AANZFTA)Vietnam & Australia-NewZealand20102015 - Tariff rate of 2,666 tariff lines has been eliminated- Plastic material etc.
2018 - Tariff rate of 8,127 tariff lines will be eliminated- Machine, equipment, tool and accessories, computers, electronic products and accessories etc.
Vietnam - Chile Free Trade Agreement (VCFTA)Vietnam & Chile20112023 - 1163 tariff lines with the rate of 0%
2028 - Upto 3860 tariff lines to 0 %- Chemicals, machinery etc.
Viet Nam – Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Free Trade AgreementVietnam & Eurasia2014Cut tariff on 90% of total tariff lines

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