Relocation of Production Site for Duschdas Bottle

duschdas-bottleRPC has  relocated the production site of the 250 ml bottle for Unilever’s Duschdas Liquid Soap from RPC Promens Industrial’s Theeßen site to the RPC Promens Consumer factory in Kutenholz. The objective is to satisfy the needs of the customers. RPC Kutenholz offers the most suitable production location for the Duschdas bottle close to the filling plant in the region, as well as the site’s particular knowledge of the personal care sector. The transfer of the production between the two locations in the beginning of 2016 was very smooth. The Duschdas bottle is blow moulded in polypropylene and is marketed under various titles such as Vitality, Delight, Refreshing, Protection & Hygiene, and Care & Hygiene.

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