Reifenhäuser develops a new generation of PET thermoforming sheet lines

PET thermoforming sheet linesReifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating has developed the next generation of the MIREX-MT-V design series after the big success of the 2013-release high-performance extrusion lines for PET thermoforming sheets with the patented mechatronic polishing stacks. The Reifenhäuser Company has specialized in the development and production of plastics extrusion lines for more than 65 years.

Synchronous “REItruder” twin-screw extruders, now in their third generation, is tested and tried one and is the heart of these lines. REItruder, having a dry-running high-performance vacuum pumps operating at 5 mbar and the degassing units, have continuously been optimized through the years meeting the FDA requirements (N.O.L for Recycled Plastics #209) for films that are made of 100% recycled PET and are in direct contact with food. The line technology complies with EFSA requirements. However, the user is responsible for applying for the appropriate EFSA approval.

Reifenhäuser EDS, the youngest member of the Reifenhäuser Group, provides different coextrusion feedblocks to customers as per their requirements. Feedblocks are now available both for fixed layer geometries and for the tried-and-tested and highly flexible REIcofeed 2.1 systems in quasi “plug and Pay” configuration in line with customer preference. The configuration can be done during the operation itself. In addition, Reifenhäuser EDS offers completely modernized dies from its wide product portfolio. The producer has the choice of selecting between internal deckling for maximum flexibility in the film width, or a lip gap that can be configured during operation for fast thickness changes. The customer can also make a choice between manual or automatic operation with thermal expansion bolts.

The MIREX-MT-V high-performance polishing stack is now extensively modernized with 3 or 4 polishing rolls depending on the needs.

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