Reagens and Indofil enter into Joint Venture to serve the Indian market with a full range of PVC additives

Indo ReagensReagens stands as one of the leading suppliers of additives in the world today. It has recently announced its new joint- venture with Indofil which is a part of the K K Modi Group- headquartered in Mumbai.

Indofil had a long established business in Crop protection products and Specialty Chemicals wherein specialty portfolio includes acrylic processing aid and impact modifiers for thermo-plastics. This venture brings in Indo-Reagens Plastics Additives Pte. Ltd in the picture.

A special ceremony took place for this occasion in presence several industry partners.

Ettore Nanni, CEO of Reagens and President of Indo-Reagens, expressed: “I’m proud and happy that this joint venture has been formed. Indofil and Reagens will bring together unique assets, deep technical expertise, as well as ability to identify, scale and customize solutions. We will work together to bring cost-effective and sustainable solutions in the heat stabilizers market. The new production facility, located in GIDC, Dahej, Gujarat, will be completed within the 2019 fiscal year, but Indo-Reagens shall start supplying its additives from April 1st, out of Indofil Dahej unit. The new plant will be based on state-of-the-art technologies in order to assure maximum efficiency, quality and safety standards. It will also include a wide range of lubricants, co-stabilizers and metal soaps, in order to back-integrate the PVC stabilizers business.”

Mr. K K Modi, Chairman & Managing Director of Indofil Industries Ltd and Chairman of KK Modi Group stated, “We are very excited about this partnership with Reagens. Both companies have complementary strengths which can be leveraged to bring sustainable solutions and products used in PVC and CPVC polymers. We trust to combine our expertise and talent and take the JV to its best potential. Together, we will be investing in the construction of the largest plant, dedicated to the manufacture of stabilizers for PVC, in India. Our aim is to become the main supplier in this key and fast growing / developing market, leveraging our established market-leading calcium-organic solid stabilizer technology, to offer the PVC converter real cost/performance alternatives to lead based stabilizers”.

Enrico Crocetti, MD of Reagens Group, and Indo-Reagens Director, quoted: “We shall serve the market with a full range of PVC additives, which will also add the complete range of Reagens products for rigid PVC, C-PVC and flexible PVC, including tin stabilizers / boosters and liquid mixed metal soap systems. These will combine with the Indofil vinyl additives product range, including acrylic based impact modifiers and processing aids. Indo-Reagens will build its strength using a highly motivated and competent technical and sales team, to leverage our extensive product portfolio with the highest level of technical service, to more than match market needs, especially relevant when considering a transition in terms of stabilization technology. The JV will offer technical support and services from its regional application laboratory centres based at Thane and Delhi, supplemented by support from existing Reagens facilities”.

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