R&B Plastics Machinery Launches MAX 1800 Series, Forays into the Injection Blow Molding Market

RB Plastics Injection Blow Molding MachineU.S. Supplier of extrusion and blow molding machinery, R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, has made its entry into the IBM (Injection Blow Molding) market through launching the MAX 1800 series.

The MAX 1835 IBM is being introduced by R&B with an injection clamp of 135 tons for producing a variety of home and personal care and pharmaceutical bottles constituting material like polypropylene (PP), styrene acrylonitrile (SAN), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), amongst others.

R&B’s IBM technology Business Unit Director, Walter Priest explained that the issue of aged machinery plagues the injection blow market and the MAX 1800 series introduction addresses the same. Limitations and problems of existing models were carefully examined and certain benefits and features were roped in which are far beyond the competition.

Apart from being more cost-effective in comparison to existing IBM models, the new machine can bring down the cost of production as well as the downtime.

The trigger bar locking mechanism constitutes one of the most exclusive features. It does away with wear components calling for regular servicing. Compared to efficient mechanical locking pistons available, the new machine has four times more expected service life.

Moreover, for the injection clamp, pre-fill valves are mounted externally for convenient maintenance. Again, transfer shafts with extra-large diameter offer accurate position control and long life due to a drive hub of heavy duty that is driven electrically in order to obtain precise control.

A rigid table and steel frame construction of the MAX 1835 along with a tie-bar three-station design ensures that all hydraulic constituents are kept beneath the molding table. An operator’s gate of lift-up style (air-pressure aided) makes room for increased safety.

With an output range of 1500 to 4000 bottles every hour, the machine has a dry cycle time of 3s.

The MAX 1880, a bigger unit having an 180-ton clamp, is in the last phase of design and it is expected that in July 2016, it would be available. In this case, the molding table is plated so that it can resist corrosion and wear as against untreated competitive tables which become oxidized due to oiling. To minimize the damage during the sliding of the mold, there is a chrome finish of high density.

Keeping in line with stringent IEC 61439-1 standards with respect to short circuit protection, the design, and construction of the electrical system has been done. Both Allen-Bradley and Siemens control systems are offered by R&B. A 15” touchscreen panel is provided by both for installation, read-out of data as well as recall pertaining to mold process settings.

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