RAUMEDIC Launches New Development and Production Unit in North Carolina, USA

RAUMEDIC Injection MoldingA recent report found that RAUMEDIC is setting up its new headquarters in North Carolina’s Mills River. RAUMEDIC is a polymer-based component’ and systems’ development partner and system supplier for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

The new development center will help the company in offering high-quality polymer extrusion, assembled products, and injection molding on site to its North American patrons.

It was in late 2014 when the company decided to open its new headquarters in North Carolina. Starting with the development in March 2015, the firm completed the same in just nine months. Spread over an area of 60,000 ft² (which is equivalent to 5,600 m²), the two-story production and administration facility acts as a development and production unit for customer-oriented polymer components and systems. This includes 13,000 ft² (or 1,200 m²) of the most advanced clean room production as per ISO class 7.

The production in the new center began in January this year with a total of 56 employees. The company has selected experts in engineering, quality management, marketing and sales, research and development, logistics, management, and clean room production for the new development center. In the months to come, the workforce is likely to increase, with order books having already filled up.

The architecture as well as the quality, services, and technology at the center reminds of the headquarters in Germany as a polymer expert for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Both the US center and German unit will produce, custom develop and package high-grade polymer products. It comprises multi-component injection molding hard-soft and hard-hard connections, fully automated assembly systems, micro extrusion with 0.1 mm internal diameter, insert molding,micro injection molding, and multiple layers in the tubing wall such as film blowing or X-ray tubing.

CEO Martin Bayer said, “This is an important step for RAUMEDIC. We will now offer our customers the same quality and service they have come to expect from us as a development partner and system supplier at the Mills River location in the USA.”

RAUMEDIC has many years of experience in chemistry and raw materials, which lets it process all present silicones, medical-grade thermoplastics, and high-temperature polymers like FEP, PEEK or PTFE. The Germany-produced products were offered in the USA until now. “With our new development and production center, we are able to combine the strengths of both German and American engineering. The advantages are obvious: short routes and a more comprehensive as well as timely service for our North American customers,”stated RAUMEDIC’s MD Rudi Gall.

Around 11 million US dollars have been spent by the firm in the development of the modern unit. By 2022, the total investment amount is likely to touch almost 27 million US dollars.

The building’s official dedication was scheduled on April 22, 2016. The company is gradually meeting the requirements of the biggest and world’s most advanced medical market.

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