Rapid Granulator invests €4.5 million to Improve Productivity

Rapid GranulatorRapid Granulator, headquartered in Bredaryd, Sweden, is making a major investment in machining equipment. With a total investment of €4.5 million, the company plans to install three high-precision, highly automated machining centers, creating an extra production capacity to produce core components to very tight tolerances while improving overall process flow.

Installing a new “Done-in-One” turning and milling machine, a horizontal machining center; and a third machine scheduled to go into operation before the end of the year, the machining centers are fully integrated with an FMS (flexible manufacturing system) center, involving automatic rail-guided vehicles that have the capability of running without any operator intervention.

Rapid produces components on the new equipment to be used in granulators in Bredaryd and also at its U.S. facility in Pittsburgh, PA.,

Bengt Rimark, the CEO, Rapid, said, “In the future, we will be able to produce tolerance-critical components in much bigger numbers and in larger sizes in-house. Machining for us is a core technology. We need to maintain very high accuracy and precision, so it is very important that we have complete control over the production of the principal components in the cutter housings.”

“We are very happy that our new owner, Lifco, has the vision to build for the future. Lifco has a long-term interest in Rapid. It analyzed what was necessary to take us to the next level, and came to the conclusion that the bottleneck was in our machining centers. Hence this investment,” adds Rimark.

Lifco has also invested for a major expansion of test facilities in Bredaryd.

“Scrap material is to be converted into high quality regrind, by feeding it back into the production process to get the same value as virgin raw material, generating huge savings,” says Rimark.



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