Production And Demand of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Resin in Asian Region (2014)

Asia-Pacific region is the biggest market of PVC. Among the above countries Taiwan in 2014 were the largest producer and consumer of Polyvinyl Chloride polymer. The consumption in Taiwan for Polyvinyl Chloride polymer was 5663 KT while its production was 1515KT. The second  largest consumer of PVC was India at 2430KT. In this region Taiwan, India, South Korea & Malaysia consumed more Polyvinyl chloride polymer than its production in 2014.
While Japan and Thailand had a surplus production than their domestic demand for polyvinyl chloride polymer in 2014.

Taiwan production of PVC polymer in 2014 decreased in comparison to 2013 by 6.5% due to pressure from high prices of crude oil and ethylene which had a significant impact on the competitiveness of ethylene-based PVC against China’s carbide-based PVC.


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