ProAmpac Promotes Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Proampac flexible packagingVice President, innovation and technology, ProAmpac, addressing the manufacturers, suppliers and consumer brand representatives, said, “Future is flexible packaging”. “Although the move away from metal, glass and other rigid formats is a well-established trend, our industry needs to work even harder to promote the benefits of pouches and other flexible packaging formats”, he said.

“Flexible packaging uses less material, enables more product to be shipped, and consumes less energy during transport than rigid packaging, “and we need to make this better known,” he added.

“Food waste is a much bigger issue than packaging waste. Food waste represents more than 20 percent of the material in U.S. landfills, but the flexible packaging is below 4 percent. In contrast to rigid packaging, flexible packaging is portable, functional as well as sustainable.

“This industry is opening up new categories, helping products stand out differently, providing better functionality, unique shapes, and compelling graphics, and we need to promote that even more”, he added.

ProAmpac’s PRO-DURA Premium is an example of a food package solution that combines the strength and durability of a woven material with the in-store appeal of a premium, film-like exterior finish.spouted stand up hour-glass shaped pouch for Duke’s Mayonnaise is a category disruptor. The package uses less packaging, is ergonomically designed to fit in hand and the reclosable one-piece, flip-top spout makes opening and dispensing far better than from a glass or PET container,” he added.

ProAmpac’s container for Germany’s JANS Marinade, helped this new company launch a fresh concept: consumers slide their protein into the marinade pouch, zip it tight, and let the food assimilate the flavors.

He concluded, “The benefits of flexible packaging over rigid provide improvements in consumer convenience, ship more product and less packaging and utilize less space and shipping and storage”.