PPG Introduces Advanced Liquid Coatings Application Development Center at Oak Creek Plant

PPG Oak Creek PlantPPG recently introduced a modern liquid coatings application development center at Wisconsin’s Oak Creek plant. The new unit with an investment of $3 million has state-of-the-art equipment which allows replicating manufacturing environments of industrial coatings customers to make sure that PPG coatings are appropriately applied during their manufacturing processes.

The novel center is equipped with spray booths, robotic paint applicators, and curing oven with humidity and temperature controls to simulate a comprehensive family of liquid coatings application conditions. With these capabilities, the application validation capabilities and product introduction process of industrial coatings business of PPG will improve.

PPG liquid application manager, industrial coatings, Steve Wirtz said, “It’s important to our customers to have liquid coatings products that work well in specific climates and environments. If they’re applying liquid coatings in the searing heat of summer with high humidity, or in cold-weather environments, we can simulate those conditions in our climate-controlled coating rooms to ensure that PPG products will perform as desired.”

He added, “The abilities to mimic actual production conditions and to test coatings applications on large and complex shapes and parts will offer new opportunities for identifying and addressing potential problems and for coatings application training.”

PPG vice president, industrial coatings, Kevin Braun, Americas, stated, “Investing in this new facility shows PPG’s commitment to developing innovative coatings along with our customers and enhances our ability to work with them on next-generation liquid coatings formulations.”

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