PolyOne enlarges specialty portfolio with high-performance elastomeric technology licensed by Cooper Standard

PolyOne Fortrex License

PolyOne has made an agreement with Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. to get the license for its high-performance elastomeric material, Fortrex. The high-performance elastomeric material, Fortrex technology has a cross-linked, olefinic-based elastomer with lighter weight, improved heat resistance, and easier processing versus that of certain conventional TPVs, silicones, and thermoset rubbers.

PolyOne’s specialty engineered materials elastomer portfolio will get enhanced with the Fortrex through this license agreement. The material offers higher performance including long-term aging, chemical resistance, and low compression set.

A large number of markets will be served better with a broad range of applications. Use of high-performance materials such as silicone or other thermosets can make improved products by getting the benefits of heat and chemical resistance with ambient temperature curing.

Chris Pederson, president, Specialty Engineered Materials at PolyOne, said, “This new relationship is exciting because it allows us to accelerate development of an important material family and bring new solutions to our customers. Access to this technology enables our customers to tap a leading-edge option for demanding applications. And with fewer processing steps leading to lower production costs, it’s a win-win.”

The license agreement will enable PolyOne to leverage its formulation expertise in developing new products based on Fortrex technology.

PolyOne Corporation, with 2017 revenues of $3.2 billion, is a premier provider of specialized polymer materials, services, and solutions.

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