Plastic Omnium introduces innovative and intelligent systems for Car of Tomorrow

Plastics Omnium Car of Tomorrow

Plastic Omnium world leader in Intelligent Exterior Systems, is an expert in the integration of complex functions with the performance of electromagnetic transparency of plastic materials. Plastic Omnium has unlocked the automotive design by embedding detection and connectivity systems in the body parts, using lightening materials and stimulating aerodynamics.

Plastic Omnium has introduced innovative and robust car of tomorrow with intelligent exterior systems, clean energy systems, complex modules. The company is making all efforts to build the car of tomorrow, which should be cleaner, safer, and more connected.

As the world leader in Clean Energy Systems, Plastic Omnium is bringing out new solutions with SCR pollution control, water injection, hybrid vehicle systems, etc. Plastic Omnium is now focusing on electric cars, through a fuel cell powered by hydrogen. The company has the expertise covering three fields of this propulsion: the tank, with the acquisition of Optimum CPV, specialist in pressurized hydrogen vessels, the fuel cell via the PO-Celltech joint-venture and flow management with the acquisition of Swiss Hydrogen.

Plastic Omnium designs cars in several modules including front-end module, roof modules, hood, rear end, the era of highly customized ready-to-assemble. To meet the environmental and societal challenges, Plastic Omnium is introducing innovative changes in the automotive industry. The company brings innovation working with 31,000 collaborators. In 2018, Plastic Omnium introduced its first “Innovation Awards”, an internal competition designed to reward the most innovative projects.

Plastic Omnium Group is a leading tier-one supplier of the automotive industry. With the expertise in containerization and waste management for local authorities, the company has sales revenue of Euro 8 billion from 127 plants spread over in 31 countries. The company offers automotive components that include exterior and structural components, fuel and emission control systems.

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