Pet All Manufacturing’s USA Technical Center launching in January 2019

PET All Manufacturing Technical Center

Pet All Manufacturing is launching its USA Technical Center, located in Paynesville, MN in January 2019. The USA Technical Center is equipped with Demonstration Machine, 33kg/72lb Shot Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machine, 1600mm x 1500mm Platens, three-layer head with three extruders and 1000L Tank Sample Mold using integral bottom blow stand.

Pet All Manufacturing Inc., a Canadian company established in early 1980’s, operates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; with facilities in the United States of America (Michigan), United Kingdom (Manchester area), South America (Brazil & Argentina) and China (Chengdu).

The majority of its work is in IBM, where “Pet All” and “Can Mold” trademarks have established a high reputation. The company had set the long tradition in the plastics industry with significant growth from 1989, when Pet All Manufacturing introduced EBM and PET technologies to its program followed with the opening of its first China-based facility in1993.

The company continued to expand its facilities till 2012 when the company delivered more than 35 Blow Molders in a single year, making Pet All / Can Mold brands an important cog in the Blow Mold Industry. Pet All Manufacturer installed one of the largest EBM standard production machines in 2013, ever delivered to the USA, which was capable of producing 8 five liter containers per cycle.

 Pet All Manufacturing Inc. provides a full range of blow molding equipment of very high quality to the Americas and Europe. The company has adopted a market strategy to offer high quality, proven equipment with outstanding ROI. Full engineering facilities in the USA, Canada, and Europe support all the blow molding machines.

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