Novamont reopens the Mater–Biopolymer plant in Patrica (FR)

Mater Biopolymer PlantMater-Bi, a company wholly controlled by the Novamont group, is a manufacturer of ORIGO–BI, biopolyesters with a high level of renewables, components of MATER-BI compostable bioplastics.
The plant has been built to manufacture PET by reconversion of the former Mossi & Ghisolfi plant. The renovation included regeneration, modification and in some cases wholly renewal of its various sections to implement innovative technologies developed by Novamont in the form of a continuous process.

Novamont’s technologies are able to use the raw materials of Novamont’s system – biobutandiol and azelaic acid, bio-based monomers to manufacture ORIGO-BI biopolyesters through a process, which is increasingly sustainable, and is directed towards reducing emissions.

Mater-Biopolymer is equipped with a waste recovery system to meet the needs of the circular economy and sustainability. The plant has a complex system of utilities that minimizes costs and wastes. Reutilization of waste products has resulted in the perfection of the wastewater purification process, that would obtain tetrahydrofuran (THF), a chemical intermediate for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The plant will have a production capacity of 100 thousand metric tons of ORIGO-BI per year and will occupy a total surface area of 140,000 m2. It will work in close cooperation with Novamont Research and Development for testing new polyesters and variants of the process to use renewable raw materials.

Catia Bastioli, managing director, Novamont, said, “Novamont’s industrialization efforts over the last few years have been enormous and have few equals anywhere in Europe. We must work together towards a regenerative approach to natural resources, which should not be seen as a limitation but as a great opportunity to redesign our society on a sustainable basis with its roots in the land, more inclusively and contributively.”

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