Nouryon to build a new US plant for expandable microspheres

Nouryon expandable microspheres plantNouryon – formerly known as AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals finds its best fit in US-based location for a world-scale polymerization plant to make Expancel expandable microspheres happen. The company will have better-enhanced leadership hold in expandable microspheres with the progress in this project.

These expandable microspheres play a vital role in making customers’ end products lighter and cost-effective. The advanced engineering is in progress, and the project is likely to be completed by late 2020 post final board approval.

Sylvia Winkel Pettersson, Director Expancel at Nouryons, says: “This investment is an important step to meet the fast-growing demand for this product. The planned facility will enable us to better serve our customers in the US and globally.”

Expancel microspheres serve as a lightweight filler and also, a blowing agent to make end products lighter. This helps in reducing costs as it requires less raw material.

Winkel Pettersson further added: “It is a versatile product used in a multitude of applications and markets. It offers benefits such as lower density and better insulation – some of the key applications include automotive and construction.”

Today, Nouryon stands as the leading producer of expandable microspheres across the world. This planned investment of the US follows a lately completed capacity increase at Sweden.

Niek Stapel, Managing Director Pulp and Performance Chemicals, quoted:  “These projects reflect Nouryon’s commitment to be a trusted partner for our customers, who rely on us to support the growth of their business.”

He also believes:  “We will take our growth ambitions to the next level by making strategic investments with attractive returns tailored to the needs of our customers.”

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