Nilit Plastics Launches New Nilamid XT Polyphthalamide Compounds

Nilit Plastics

One among the largest polyamide compounders of the world, Nilit Plastics has introduced a new gamut of Nilamid XT semi-crystalline polyphthalamides. The company said that the new compounds will benefit injection molding customers who demand purpose-designed materials with high performance in small-to-medium-sized measures.

Partially aromatic polyamides are dubbed polyphthalamides which feature complete resistance to high temperatures, high dimensional stability, outstanding mechanical properties, and exceptional chemical resistance. These compounds will target at Europe’s two major segments, including general industry and automotive industry.Various other markets already being catered to by Nilit Plastics are using polyphthalamides in numerous components such as bearings, bushings, and automobile fuel line components.

Usually, the components act as metal substitutes which not only weigh more but also cost higher when it comes to a part volume. In the case of appliances, PPA allows savings by replacing brass in parts like coolant pumps, valve bodies, and water heater manifolds.

According to Wolf, with its polyamide 6 and 66 compounds range and flame retardant Frianyl variants, the company already has enough experience in creating application-focused compounds. And the polyphthalamides’ excellent features will further enhance the company’s worth.

“The supply side is already populated by established polymer suppliers who have been in the market for many years. So we will differentiate ourselves. With Nilamid XT, we will play to our strengths creating compounds that meet very specific requirements. Nilamid XT is a specialty brand for specialty applications,” said Nilit Plastics’ Performance Polymers’Vice President,Arno Wolf.

The Nilamid XT range will add to the existing high functioning polyamide-based compounds range launched in recent months. Compounds like enhanced polyamide 66 and the Frianyl XTflame-retardant polyphthalamide shave helped the company strengthen its position in the electrical and electronics market as a top-notch custom materials supplier for applications.

Wolf added, “Nilit Plastics has dedicated significant resources to R&D and to manufacturing equipment in Germany and Italy, and we are ideally positioned to develop tailor made PPA compounds with very specific properties.”


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