New Temperature Control System Used By ToolCraft for Processing Ultem

Toolcraft UltemThe aerospace industry makes use of a range of innovative materials. In this market domain, ToolCraft has established reliability. Ultem, a polyetherimide consisting of properties that are apt for the aerospace industry, is processed by the company, as a component of its mould making and injection molding work.

Ultem- Robust and Radiation Resistant

The properties of Ultem are compatible with different components. Apart from having high strength, the material is extremely resistant to hydrolysis and temperature. Gamma and UV rays cannot penetrate it and the material is also resistant to flame.

New Temperature Control System

In order to keep mold temperature consistent, investment was recently made by ToolCraft in a new device. Previously tools were heated using a cartridge heater, which made control of temperature challenging. Now, this challenge can be done away with, as moulds can be heated to a constant temperature.

Eco-Friendly and Superior Quality

The injection molding tools can now maintain a consistent temperature, and the continual heat conduction ensures that minimum energy is required to heat the tools. Moreover, the reproducibility of the injection molded components is enhanced by the steady temperature. The quality is improved and the output is augmented.

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