New Technical Center Development in Livonia MI Announced by Trexel

Trexel Inc.An announcement has been made by Trexel, Inc. regarding its strategic partnership with SA Engineering, a new venture that has come up with a new trial facility constructed for technical association by means of the most recent MuCell foaming systems and high-tech Engel injection molding equipment.

The SA Tech Center is envisaged to be a mutual incubator for the development of high-end technology processes and discovering inventive and competent solutions to accomplish customers’ objectives. The partner companies and specialists of the center will assist customers in optimizing particular processes making use of hi-tech injection molding equipment as well as technologies in a private environment. Situated in Livonia, Michigan, the SA Tech Center will display five new 285 Ton to 3500 Ton Engel injection molding machines. At present, three machines, which happen to be MuCell-capable, can run with the most recent on-site located T-series Trexel gas dosing systems.

The new Tseries blends unparalleled gas dosing accuracy with an extremely simplified user interfaces for consistent, repeatable and reliable foaming results. The automotive technical team of Trexel at North America is co-positioned at the central region. Three Engel machines, namely 1000T Wide Platen possessing core back, 660T Wide Platen having core back and 285T Tech has MuCell product development potential.

Trexel will offer mold trial and R&D support for customers who would like to go for evaluation of TecoCell, the organization’s newest product offering in chemical foaming. Already the machines are operating, and Trexel has undertaken trials since early March within its facility.

Trexel CEO and President Brian Richard said that the company’s involvement in the SA Tech Center makes room for creating a staffed MuCell technical center, to the automotive industry in North America. Moreover, facility sharing with other associated technologies in injection molding will pave the way for a fresh level of problem-solving and collaboration for providing the industry with innovative solutions.

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