New Russian Plant For Exterior And Interior Parts Inaugurated by GMD Group

Eurostyle Systems CleanEurostyle Systems Clean, a new Russian plant, has been inaugurated by GMD Group on April 22nd, 2016. The occasion was graced by Moscow Oblast prime vice-minister for innovation and investment, Mr. Khromov Vadim Valerianovitch along with GMD Group President Mr. Alain Martineau and the city of Klin Mayor, Mrs. SokolskaÏa Aliona Dmitrievna.

Presently employing around 80 salaries of staff, this new plant begins the production of exterior and interior parts for the new compact SUV of Renault, named Kaptur. The production of this vehicle takes place in the Moscow plant of Renault.

All processes and products had been developed by the Romanian and French Technical Centers in GMD Plastic Systems.

The investment of 12 M€ comes along with the launch of the GMD Plastic Systems’ growth plan, which is a component of the strategic “Expansion 400” and reinforces the group’s positioning within emerging markets.

According to Mr. Alain Martineau, this marks a significant step in the group’s development within the Russian market that is expected to register robust growth in the years to come.

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