New Compounding Line on the Cards for Elix Polymers

Elix PolymersELIX Polymers has made the announcement regarding its upcoming investment at its Tarragona site in a new compounding line. This investment initiative comes as a step towards the fulfillment of its strategic objective to become the topmost manufacturer of pre-colored ABS resins and derivatives of high quality, along with customized specialties that are utilized in Healthcare, Automotive, Appliances, Consumer, and Electronics applications.

To ensure thermoplastics compounding production in the new line high-end technologies would be used, especially with respect to ABS and ABS blends. The major suppliers of the technologies will partner or cooperate with Elix Polymers for the development of the new line, which will incorporate the 7EAC underwater pelletizing system from Gala Kunststoff GmbH and the ZSK 92 Mc18 twin screw compounder from Coperion GmbH.

The line will make ELIX Polymers more flexible for rendering a more diverse range of customized solutions and will also enhance the capacity over and above the existing compounding line. It is expected to be activated by Q2 2016.

The new investment is a crucial aspect of ELIX´s Excellence in Operations Program. It aims to guarantee maximum safety standards as well as enhance efficiency in energy resources and operations.

The program is an integral part of the company’s approach towards differentiating its services by meeting clients’ demands for shorter lead times and more flexibility in tailor-made solutions.

In order to move ahead towards expected growth and keep in line with customers’ requirements, the company has invested in several high-tech assets at its facilities for the past two years. Simultaneously, ELIX Polymers has also enhanced its operations through process and procedure restructuring for adhering to the LEAN management principles. This has yielded positive results in the form of scrap rate level improvement, lesser consumption of energy and water, as well as an increasingly flexible plant.

According to Operations Director David Castañeda, the program is part of the strategy ELIX has adopted for transformation and new company positioning. Its successful implementation has ensured optimization of the operating profile, thereby making the company more reliable, efficient and profitable.

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