New Can Liners, Eco Strong™ Plus Introduced by Pitt Plastics

ECO Strong(TM) Plus LinerInteplast Group Company Pitt Plastics comes up with ECO Strong™ Plus, an extensive and fresh range of industrial can liners manufactured to cater to environment conscious industries and businesses. The U.S. Green Building Council sponsored popular LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program has led down some can liner specifications which ECO Strong™ Plus aptly meets. The can liners are developed from at least 10% recycled post-consumer resin and a maximum of 60% recycled post-industrial resin.

ECO-Strong™ Plus constitutes an all-inclusive product range, suitable for a variety of applications. The can liners can be obtained in high-density clear polyethylene (HDPE) and linear-low density black or clear polyethylene (LLDPE), in a variety of gauges and sizes. To increase the strength the can liners are star-sealed and contain coreless rolls that help in convenient dispensing.

The can liners of ECO-Strong™ Plus are a great advantage for businesses which need the safety and security of clear can liners and want products which are credit eligible according to LEED®. Inteplast Group’s Director of Sanitation or Janitorial Unit, Randy Orscheln said that clear can liners developed in accordance with LEED® specifications were not largely available for the industrial market at competitive rates. However, the advent of ECO-Strong™ Plus has changed this scenario.

Orscheln further stated that more and more government buildings, hospitals, restaurants, schools, universities and businesses are taking part in green building operation and maintenance programs. They can depend on the performance, quality and value offered by ECO Strong™ Plus can liners.

He further added that the company has greatly endeavored towards manufacturing of this product range and superior post-consumer resin sourcing that would cater to the elevated standards. Businesses and distributors across North America buy extensively from Pitt Plastics and Inteplast Group. It is expected that ECO Strong™ Plus would turn out to be a significant component of their sales offerings.

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