MTD Announces Expansion of Tooling and Molding Departments

MTD Expansion of Tooling and MoldingMTD Micro Molding, a leading micro-sized injection molded plastic components manufacturer for more than four decades now, has bought latest equipment and upgrades aiming to expand its internal tooling and molding departments.

The firm will add two 20-ton Sodickmolding presses along with ancillary equipment to its molding department’s current ISO Class 8 cleanrooms, which comprise in-line inspection and full automation.

Besides, it will install a fast-paced milling machine with a novel CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to its tooling department.

MTD holds expertise in design and construction of 100% of micro molding tools at its in-house manufacturing units. Thus, the company lets its technological know-how about tooling and molding to take the shape of superior products with lead-times having reduced and project management having improved.

“I am really looking forward to the CMM machine because it will allow us to level up our tooling accuracy even higher.” said Gary Hulecki, Executive VP, MTD Micro Molding, adding, “As a company, we are poised for significant growth and these investments mark the beginning of that transition.”

Presently, the workpiece accuracy target of the company is 42 millionths, which helps exist part features such as aspect ratios of 250:1, tip radii of 5 microns,zero draft, and .002” wall thicknesses. The new equipment will aid in enhancing this precision.

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