Mitsui Chemicals to set up a new MILASTOMER Production facility in North America

Mitsui MilastomerMitsui Chemicals, Inc., located in Tokyo, sets up a new facility with an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons per year for the production of MILASTOMER  thermoplastic olefin elastomer at the Ohio-plant of its U.S. subsidiary Advanced Composites, Inc. The new facility commencing its construction in January 2019 is expected to be completed in June 2019 and commissioned in October 2019.

Olefin rubber and olefin resin are the raw materials for the production of MILASTOMER thermoplastic olefin elastomer. Mitsui Chemicals markets the soft resin worldwide as a substitute for vinyl chloride and vulcanized rubber and offers unique characteristics: low density, light weight, and excellent moldability. MILASTOMER is used in many applications that include auto parts, building gaskets, toothbrushes, golf club grips and more. Global demand for the product is growing for applications such as automotive interior covers, weather strips, airbag covers and steering bellows.

Mitsui Chemical’s production centers are located in Japan, Europe, and China. The new facility in the U.S. will serve as the company’s fourth production base worldwide. Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc. will sell MILASTOMER in North America, while Advanced Composites, Inc. will handle production.

Advanced Composites, Inc, established in June 1986, headquartered in Ohio, has its production facility in Ohio. The company carries out production, sale, and research of polypropylene compounds
Contracted production of MILASTOMER (to be added October 2019).

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