Mitsui Chemical celebrates the opening of its new Polyurethane System House in India

MCNS Polyurethanes India PlantMitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCNS), Tokyo, celebrates the opening of its new polyurethane system house ‘MCNS Polyurethanes India Pvt. Ltd. (MCNS-IN)’ at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, India to commemorate the completion of construction and commencing the commercial operations.

The new system house will be manufacturing and selling polyurethane products. The new system house, MCNS Polyurethanes India Pvt. Ltd. (MCNS-IN), was established in February 2017 with an investment of US$ 7.3 million (800 million JPY). It has been built up with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons per year. Its commercial operations started in July 2018. The opening ceremony was held on August 8th 2018.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo) has been working on the new Polyurethane system house in Sri-city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh at its owned Mitsui Chemicals & SKC Polyurethanes Co., Ltd. a 50:50 joint venture of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and SKC Co., Ltd.; “MCNS”.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.’s System house are the manufacturing and sales bases to offer premium services, such as the adjustment of polyurethane foam material formulations including those derived from the polyol and meet the needs of an individual customer.

MCNS, with the opening of the new system house in Sri City, will be able to supply high-quality products in a stable manner to its Korean and Japanese customers in India, and will expand its supply to Indian companies in the future.

India has a high usage of polyurethane in comparison to other countries. India produces 4.7 million units of automobiles per year with high polyurethane usage and is the world’s fifth largest user of polyurethane. Korean and Japanese manufacturers account for 70% of India’s entire automobile production and 50% of refrigerator’s.

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