Mitsubishi starts PMMA and MMA monomer commercial production at its Joint Venture plants in Saudi Arabia

Mitsubushi PMMA PlantMitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan starts their commercial operations of its new joint venture methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) and Polymethyl methacrylate plants at Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, on April 2nd 2018.

The production capacity of plants is to produce 250,000 tons of MMA and 40,000 tons of PMMA annually at the cost of $360 million to build.

These plants are operated by The Saudi Methacrylates Co. (SAMAC) that is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) in the ration of 50:50.

Last November the test production of both these plants was done by SAMAC. The production test results were within specification. The first lot was shipped to the customer and since then the process optimization was being done at these plant.

SAMAC manufacturing facilities in Jubail, Saudi Arabia have the world’s largest MMA monomer plant using MCG group’s proprietary Alpha Technology (New Ethylene Method) to produce MMA monomer.

Global demand for MMA monomer has witnessed steady growth globally in recent years and is expected to keep growing in near future. MCC will fulfill the demand of major markets including Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa by using SAMAC as a strategic supply in these regions.

This new joint venture will strengthen MCC’s global network of production plants for MMA and will support its present and future demand of consumers.

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