Mitsubishi Chemical to start the sales of Paper Cups made from biodegradable plastic

Mitsubishi Chemical Biodegradable Paper CupsMitsubishi Chemical Corporation, headquartered at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; under the leadership of Masayuki Waga, the president, stated that Japan Paper and Pulp Co., Ltd. will start selling paper cups made with MCC’s BioPBS in October. Japan Paper and Pulp Co. headquartered at Chuo-ku, Tokyo is head by President: Akihiko Watanabe. BioPBS, developed and patented by MCC, is plant-derived and biodegradable plastic.

PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited, headquartered at Bangkok, Thailand, under the control of President  Ryuichiro Sugimoto, manufactures BioPBS.

PTT MCC Biochem is a 50-50 joint venture formed by MCC and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited. BioPBS is an environmentally friendly material, which is broken down by living microorganisms in soil and decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. Japan Paper and Pulp is using it as the laminate on the inner surface of paper cups in place of conventional polyethylene due to its special characteristics: high heat resistance, high flexibility, and high heat seal strength as well as the biodegradability.

Conventional items such as compost bags and agricultural mulch films use BioPBS as raw material. In addition, MCC has found a wide range of new applications for BioPBS in coffee capsules, paper cups, straws, and other food-related products. The company is making efforts to introduce BioPBS to several major overseas fast-food chains.

MCC, is an international chemical company of repute to produce performance products, industrial materials and others.

MCC is continuing its research and development activities to expand applications of biodegradable and plant-derived plastics including BioPBS to promote a recycling-oriented society and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under its broader vision , “Realizing KAITEKI”, which means “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.”

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