MHG Hires New CEO for the Company

MHGBiopolymer manufacturing and specialty toll manufacturing services leader MHG lately announced that they have appointed a new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for the company. Stephen Croskrey has taken the position to secure all related duties with immediate effect.

“I am thrilled to join the MHG team. I see tremendous potential for growth and I look forward to helping the company increase value, as well as work with the team on enhancing business development opportunities, expanding the range of products offered and increasing production capabilities,” said Stephen Croskrey.

Croskrey has an experience of more than two decades in offering leadership for different firms which are into manufacturing and selling of products such as medical devices, law enforcement gear, and fibers. Earlier, he was working with Armor Holding Products LLC as its President and CEO. Armor is a leading armor systems manufacturer for law enforcement, commercial and military markets. Croskrey has worked for six years with this company while completing 13 acquisition transactions that ended up surging the annual revenue to more than $300 million from the previous $45 million.

The first responsibility of Croskrey will be carrying out the PHA pilot bio refinery eight fold’s planned expansion. Reportedly, PHA is MHG’s new technology. Also, it is the first bioplastic of the world which is authorized as degradable in marine water. With the planned expansion, the company seeks to boost PHA sampling activity while taking forward the process of customer application approval. The company has in plan an engineering study as well for the first commercial PHA bio refinery of the country. The expansion process is expected to begin this summer.

Croskrey went to the Northwestern  University’s Kellogg School of Management to pursue Masters in Business Administration. Also, he went to West Point’s United States Military Academy for Bachelor’s of Science in General Engineering.

MHG’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Stuart Pratt stated, “Stephen is a proven leader and an exceptional businessman with great insights into many of the different industries in which we work. His vision for the company is in line with the Board’s, and his leadership is exactly what MHG needs as we continue to grow the company.”

MHG has launched a new department in the company for Specialty Toll Manufacturing alone. Thus, it assures its international customers that it is a cost-effective step to partner with the company owing to its specialization, advanced laboratories and equipment, logistic services, and the huge additional capacity of 70 million pounds.

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