McDonald’s to develop a recyclable and/or compostable cup collaborating with Starbucks & Closed Loop Partners

McDonald CupMcDonald’s joins Starbucks & Closed Loop Partners in partnership to develop together a global recyclable and/or compostable cup solution under the NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge. The initiative is a follow-up action of the recent commitments of both the companies to find innovation solutions to their packaging to reduce waste.

McDonald’s together with Closed Loop Partners is committing to contribute an amount of $5 million to the NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge making the total contribution to $10 million.

The kicks off ceremony of the challenge is scheduled in September, when innovators, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and recyclers are called upon to submit their ideas for the next generation of recyclable and/or compostable cups.

The selected awardees will receive a grant in the form of acceleration funding up to $1 million based on key milestones. According to plans, up to seven of the awardees will take up a six-month accelerator program to help scale their solutions.

Marion Gross, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, McDonald’s USA, said, “McDonald’s is committed to using our scale for good to make positive changes that impact our planet and the communities we serve. We are excited to join Starbucks and Closed Loop to help solve this pressing challenge as collaboration is key to finding a scalable, lasting global solution.”

Colleen Chapman, Vice President of Global Social Impact, focused on sustainability for Starbucks, commented, “We are proud to come together with industry partners like McDonald’s to drive innovative, scalable solutions for cup waste. A better cup will benefit the entire industry and we invite others to join us as we move these efforts forward.”

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