Magic Add Plans to Develop Internet of Packaging with Funding and Partners Acquisition

Magic Add food-packageMagic Addis planning to create the Internet of Packaging (IoP) which is why around US $250,000 has been raised by it in angel funding. The company has joined hands with Huhtamaki, a global food packaging specialist, on digitalized products for foodservice packaging.

The Finnish company has even partnered with various other international firms in this regard. According to Magic Add, the entire packaging will now have unique codes which pave the way for improved logistics and promise product authenticity. In addition, the codes provide information to consumers about the chain of production, freshness, and contents of the products. The company dubs this as IoP.

Promising applications in logistics, process optimization, and advertising, the company lures consumers with special rewards such as store discount codes and unique media content. Also, it encourages shipment tracking, feedback collection, and reduction in food waste. Advertisers get a new opportunity to reach customers and improve their experience with interactive media and product details. They will be able to offer real-time analytics which explains the impact of a marketing campaign.

President and CEO Samuli Manninen said, “Magic Add specializes in cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging, making it the cheapest and most effective way of embedding intelligence in packages.”

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