LyondellBasell’s Spherizone technology selected for a 300KT per year Polypropylene (PP) plant in China

lyondell-basell-logoChina Petroleum Materials Limited Corporation (CPMC) and Petrochina Liaoyang Petrochemical Company (LYPC) have selected LyondellBasell’s Spherizone technology for installing a 300KT per year polypropylene (PP) plant to be built at Liaoyang, Liaoning Province, China.

Jim Seward, vice president technology business and sustainability at LyondellBasell, said, “LyondellBasell is very pleased to expand its relationship with Petrochina with this license at Liaoyang. With the ability to produce products having superior properties and performance, the Spherizone process technology is a new benchmark for polypropylene production.”

Li Guihe vice president of LYPC, commented, commented, “This process technology was selected through an international bidding process on the basis of the technical exchanges with various licensees. It has the extraordinary ability to produce high value-added polypropylene products.”

Mr. Chu Yuan Lin, vice president of CPMC stated: “LyondellBasell is the global leader in polyolefin technologies; we believe that successful cooperation can bring good and long-term economic benefits to the PetroChina companies.”

The newest and most advanced polypropylene technology, the Spherizone process, is enlarging the product portfolio. It also helps in the production of entirely new families of propylene-based polymers using its unique multi-zone circulating reactor system. It is the ninth Spherizone line licensed in China that has increased the total design and operating capacity of Spherizone lines in China to exceed 3,000 kilotons per year.

Further, LyondellBasell’s portfolio of licensed polyolefin processes and associated technical services includes:

Spheripol – The leading PP process technology with more than 25 million tons of licensed capacity.

Hostalen – Leading low-pressure slurry process for the production of high-performance multimodal HDPE

Lupotech – For the production of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Metocene PP – Innovative add-on technology for the production of specialty polypropylene products Spherilene – Flexible gas phase process technology for the production of LDPE, MDPE, and HDP

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