Lithuania use Minecraft video game to build ‘dream’ Tesla factory

Tesla Giga FactoryLithuanian entrepreneurs have impressed Tesla Motors to set up their new factory in Lithuania by giving a demo of the entire factory through Minecraft video game.

Responding to a plan announced last year by Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has given his indication to build a second factory in Europe, 40 gamers used the popular online building game to construct a virtual replica — in just 35 hours — of the company’s battery production plant. The location selected site was in the Baltic EU state and not the US.
The video shows off the entire process of building the virtual factory with 40 Minecraft builders with the complete installation of solar energy panels and electricity generators.

The video mentions that ” Tesla built their Gigafactory in two years which Lithuania made it happen in two days.”

It appears the gamers knew how to appeal to the tech geeks at Tesla, which tweeted on Saturday: “Lithuania knows the way to our heart”.

“His nation of three million faces tough competition from at least 10 European countries.We have teams to build a virtual factory in less than a week. And we could have real teams working in real factories within a couple of years”, said, Vladas Lasas, Lithuanian entrepreneur, who was behind the initiative. He further added that the new “gigafactory” would provide a significant boost to the Lithuanian economy, and could help curb emigration by young people to richer Western EU states.Tesla has another plant in the Netherlands.

Hailing the initiative, Mindaugas Sinkeviciu, Lithuanian Economy Minister, said “it was only the beginning in the effort to have Tesla in Lithuania.This non-governmental initiative proves that our IT specialists are not only talented but also inventive enough to surprise the world.”

Source: AFP

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