Lightweight Containers Comes up With New KeyKeg Production Line in Germany

KeykegLightweight Containers introduced a new production unit in Grossbreitenbach, Germany. The new production unit in Grossbreitenbach, Germany, will come into operation from 2016 Q3. It has the capacity to manufacture all the KeyKeg family members. The daily production output will be seen in partnership with PET-Verpackungen Deutschland.

The increased capacity of the new unit will help the company in fulfilling the increasing demand in the area in future.

Lightweight Containers’ Chief Commercial Officer, Anita Veenendaal affirmed, “We see service as a crucial element of our success. We aim to provide the best service, with our production line as close as possible to our customers. The new location and extra capacity will further reduce delivery times and transport distances.”

Lightweight Containers’ CEO, Jan Veenendaal said, “We want to continue concentrating on solutions and crucial trends for the drinks industry. This is made possible through cooperation with a professional and flexible production partner such as PET-Verpackungen, which entirely fits with our vision on quality.”

The new line is being developed in collaboration with production affiliate PET-Verpackungen Deutschland. KeyKegs now have three manufacturing units for them, viz. Schwerin in Germany, Joliet in the United States, and Den Helder in the Netherlands.


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