LANXESS marks the 65th birthday of Durethan, a high-tech structural material

Durethan Lanxess

LANXESS celebrates the 65th birthday of Durethan, a high-tech structural material, the demand of which is growing fast in growth industries such as electric mobility, renewable energies, and the IT, electrical and electronics sector.

Dr. Michael Zobel, head of the High-Performance Materials (HPM) business unit at LANXESS, explained, “Today, Durethan is regarded as the high-tech material par excellence that often makes technically sophisticated and innovative component solutions possible in the first place. Inextricably linked with Durethan is our profound expertise in the development of materials, applications, processes and technology, which we put to good use in our collaborations with customers to produce successful component solutions.”

Production of Durethan started in the Uerdingen district of Krefeld, Germany, in 1953 in a production facility for production of polyamide 6 and another for caprolactam, the base monomer for the thermoplastic material. The focus for research and development was to produce materials for molded parts such as sprockets or fasteners such as wall plugs and clips. Later on, products reinforced with glass fiber were added, the demand for which is ever-growing. The material has good strength and rigidity and became the material of choice for components such as housings for power tools, bobbins and parts of office chairs that required good strength and rigidity.

Durethan polyamide 6 and 66 compounds are now used in a wide range of products that need lightweight subject to heavy stress, thermal characteristics for thermal management of devices, flame-retardant for industrial and domestic electrical applications and for new components in electric vehicles, as well as in extremely heat-resistant material variants for air ducts near the turbochargers of combustion engines.

HPM operates compounding plants in Krefeld-Uerdingen, Wuxi in China, Jhagadia in India, Gastonia in the USA and Porto Feliz in Brazil.

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