LANXESS Introduces Lighter Version of Honda’s FCV “Clarity Fuel Cell” Zero Emission Vehicle

LANXESS Honda Fuel Cell VehicleLANXESS Aktiengesellschaft, German specialty chemicals group, has launched a lightweight solution for FCV (fuel cell vehicle) “Clarity Fuel Cell”. FCV is the latest hydrogen electric vehicle model brought into the picture by Honda.

Honda introduced the first-of-its-kind hybrid-molded rear bumper beam developed with the use of LANXESS-enabled one-shot molding technology. For this world-first rear bumper beam, Honda used Tepex, LANXESS subsidiary Bond-Laminates’ long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with PA 6 matrix, and Durethan, LANXESS’s PA 6 advanced plastic grade.

Martin Klocke, LANXESS’s Head of Technical Marketing and Business development Tepex Auto in the High Performance Materials business unit, stated, “It is our great honor to feature our light weight solution with our Tepex and Durethan in Honda’s latest model of FCV.”Tepex is a light, advanced composite material. It is made using continuous fiber reinforcements like glass or carbon, and a thermoplastic matrix. Automobile structural components, including seat shells and front ends, and mass-produced items like sporting goods and smartphones, largely use Tepex. Its thermoplastic base material and reinforcing fibers ensures superior mechanical properties.

Growing restrictions are being faced by the automotive industry on CO2 emissions. Thus, automobile makers are increasingly developing zero emission vehicles like FCV and electric vehicles (EV). The same calls for an increased demand for new materials and technologies that could make cars lighter. LANXESS is a brand known for offering lightweight solutions for automobiles that have been used in different applications. Therefore, it formed a one-shot hybrid molding procedure to make large components using its glass fiber composite and plastic. As a result, it produced components with almost 50% reduced weight as compared to their metal counterparts.

The materials used are exclusively composed of different layers with Tepex flowcore (random long glass fiber fortified composite sheets) and Tepexdynalite (consistent long glass fiber fortified thermoplastic composite sheets). The same allows for easy material flow during the molding process,and an increased mechanical strength with active energy absorption.

LANXESS Hong Kong Limited’s Manager Technical Marketing and Business Development Tepex Auto in the High Performance Materials business unit, DenizGuerkan said, “With this application, we not only realized the first rear bumper beam made out of Tepex and Durethan material, we also have the first serial automotive production in the Asia Pacific region for our composite material Tepex.”

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