KraussMaffei delivers standard Injection Molding machines Ex-stock under its new Speed-to-Market program

Krauss Maffei Injection Molding Machine - Speed to Market Program

KraussMaffei has now equipped itself to make short delivery under its newly launched program Speed-to-Market.  The new European stock machine program includes standard injection molding machines of the CX, GX and PX series, which can be delivered immediately ex-stock.

Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, president of the KraussMaffei Group’s injection molding segment, said, “The demand for injection molding machines, in particular in the middle and lower clamping force range, continues to increase. That is why we had already expanded our production capacity, especially for the all-electric PX series, at the start of the year. Through the new Speed-to-Market program, we are now offering our customers an added value that allows them to increase their productivity. Dr. Golz, added, “The new Speed-to-Market program includes standard injection molding machines of the PX series, as well as the fully hydraulic CX and GX series with clamping ranges of up to 6,500 kN, and LRX linear robots with payloads of up to 10 kg. If the model, the customer wants, is not in stock, our production is designed to build one in a short period of time.”

Along with the Speed-to-Market program, KraussMaffei also offers a new ‘Rent-It’ business model with additional benefits. Under this program,  customers can take the injection machine on rent rather than buying it. ‘Rent It’ plan includes the maintenance and other services. Dr. Golz, commented, “Customers who rent a machine maintain their flexibility and can comfortably cushion their share of contract injection molding. At the same time, their production is always on the cutting edge – without burdening the balance sheet.”

Customer will have the option either to rent a new model or purchase the existing one or return the injection molding machine at the end of the rental period.

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