Kraiburg to leverage WeChat platform as its marketing channel for TPE customers in China

Kraiburg TPE WeChat PlatformKraiburg TPE, the leading global manufacturer in thermoplastic elastomers, collaborates with WeChat, China’s most popular social messaging app to connect with the world. The two companies are keen to take a leadership role in the TPE world that would include the latest TPE innovations, technical leadership and industry breaking news by closely interacting with the customers, sales partners and the public.

Starting with the focus, mainly, on the China market, the initiative is to take a leadership role to offer the world-class solutions that can lead to a high level of customer satisfaction via an innovative quality concept encompassing products, processes, and people.

Kraiburg has pioneered in TPE compounds. The company is well known as the competence leader in the industry with production sites located in Germany, the US, and Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of compounds extensively used in a number of sectors that include automotive, industrial, consumer, and strictly regulated medical sectors. Kraiburg TPE demonstrates innovative capabilities that are in line with global customers based on customized product solutions and reliable service.

Kraiburg TPE is proud of its ability to introduce exceptionally high-quality and custom-engineered compounds. Collaborating with WeChat as its marketing channel, Kraiburg TPE supports its customers by offering technical expertise, individual advisory, and one-of-a-kind customer service.

Kraiburg TPE follows its motto – “custom-engineered TPE and more” by always standing with their customers.

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