Klöckner Pentaplast expands its food packaging production by purchasing third Kreyenborg Infrared Rotary Drum

KREYENBORG IRDKlöckner Pentaplast, the manufacturer of high-quality food packaging materials, has placed an order for his third Infrared Rotary Drum of Kreyenborg GmbH & Co. KG, located in Senden, Germany to expand its production capacities substantially for thermoformed PET packaging solutions at the company site in Beeskow.

Since 2017, Linpac, a subsidiary of the Klöckner Pentaplast Group (kp) having operations world over, is a leading manufacturer of films and packaging solutions with a yearly turnover of 2 bn Euros. kp produces PET sheet in Germany and thermoformed trays for foodstuff at both its company sites Ritterhude and Beeskow. The plastics producer gives high importance to the conservation of natural resources, flexibility, and efficiency. Infrared-Rotary Drum made by Kreyenborg GmbH offers flexibility and efficiency, a great benefit in the production process.  The third IRD having same specifications is expected to be delivered at the beginning of 2019.

Arno Jansen, the Project Extrusion Manager from Ritterhude, who ordered the first IRD spontaneously about 5 years back, after successful trials effected in the test facility in Senden, said, “The possibility to crystallize and dry virgin material and ground stock in a first process step quickly and efficiently, fits into our production plants perfectly”. He added, “The Infrared Rotary Drums are so perfectly suited equipment that we have been using two of them in Ritterhude and that no other solution could even be considered for the expansion of our capacities in Beeskow either.”

An IRD for kp has a drying capacity of 800 kg/h on a continuous basis. The material is fed in in the IRD, is circulated and conveyed on a permanent basis due to the rotary movement of the tube.

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