Kiefel develops Thermorunner KTR 5.1 high speed cup forming machine

Kiefel Thermorunner KTR 5.1

Kiefel has developed Thermorunner KTR 5.1, a high-speed cup forming machine suitable both in mass production and in niche products. The machine’s intelligent technology combines perfect forming quality with high production speeds.

KTR 5.1 can produce any type of cups such as yogurt cups, drinking cups, coffee capsules, cups for snap caps or plant pots. Application of innovative ideas has enabled the KTR 5.1 to have high speed as one of the key factors, with its improved process parameters.

The machine has a new cooling system to ensures perfect temperatures. About 30% longer life is achievable with the fully automatic tool temperature regulation when compared to the predecessor model. The machine offers a steady product quality with about 10% increased output.

Another important feature of the machine is its improved forming air system that allows faster filling and venting of all cavities and thus supports an about 30% faster as well as precise forming process.

The film transport system is equipped with an optimized sophisticated film spreading and a feed table to protect the material surface.

The software of the machine has some innovative improvements in terms of process monitoring, intuitive forming process settings, “Smart Startup” and the “on-the-fly” feature, smooth transfer from forming to stacking.

The necessary high cutting force for high-precision forming/punching operations with increased cutting length is provided by the robust cast steel forming and punching station. This results in arranging more cavities facilitating higher output of cups.  Uniform material distribution all the way to the cup bottom is provided by a servomotor is driven pre-stretching arrangement.

Kiefel completes the tailor-made production line with a KTR 5.1 Speed associated with PUS series stacking machines and automation solution from a single source.

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