KHS FreshSafe PET® TriBlock Sale in India Symbolizes Its Success

Fresh Safe PETKHS Group recently reported that the July month of 2016 has brought it an immense success. The Dortmund, the Germany-based group received various big orders in the month. Majorly, it was India’s order of two FreshSafe PET TriBlock lines by a leading soft drinks producer.

According to the company, this growth market equally demanded the interior glass coating system.

KHS Executive Management Board’s Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer said, “Each market has specific requirements which we can provide the right system solutions for, such as in India.”The company will use KHS Plasmax’s advanced FreshSafe PET® coating system on its new lines. The system belongs to two compact TriBlocks. The two TriBlocks have stretch blow molder, filler/capper combination, and coating system.

FreshSafe PET® provides an ultra-thin glass coating to the PET bottles, which still remain 100% recyclable. The containers manufactured in the process, such as handier small 0.25-l bottles, receive enhanced product safety. It is since February 2016that the technology is being used at the Indian site as a single machine. And its benefits have resulted in the recent follow-up order.

KHS is known for producing beverages with a longer shelf life. Thus, they have their reach in a wider distribution area. This is why it is possible for companies to produce at one main location, which helps in cost-saving related to warehousing and logistics. In big markets like India, it comes out to be a great benefit for beverage producers. The novel technology ensures sustainability in production by combining the economic and environmental aspects.

In July, the company also sold a high-functioning PEThot fill lineinSoutheast Asian market. This line accustoms to the bottling of sensitive brews. Central America also ordered four turnkey glass lines during that period. These systems contain powerful Innofill Glass DRS filler. Due to consistent modules, technologies, and procedures, KHS is expected to accomplish all these projects sooner as possible.

Prof. Niemeyer added, “Projects like these send out an important message, our strategy continues to bear fruit and confirms that we are on the right course.”Looking at the glass and PET lines’ success in the previous month, the company, therefore, mainly focuses on its huge expertise inline across the whole market.

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