Jus de Fruits d’Alsace Invests in Krones Contiform AseptBloc

Jus de Fruits d’AlsaceSarre-Union’s Jus de Fruits d’Alsace, an LSDH’s (Laiterie Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel) subsidiary, has recently made a significant investment in Krones Contiform AseptBloc. This is in an attempt to market its sensitive products such as high-quality smoothies, fruit squashes and juices in PET bottles rather than in soft packages as it did earlier.

The Contiform AseptBloc from Kronos is rated at 30,000 bottles per hour.

The French province, Alsace, is no less than a paradise when it comes to gourmets. It remains set to hand out something unique every time, even if it is about drinks.

The novel aseptic filling line has an aseptic blow moulder that belongs to a blow moulder/filler block. Earlier, the block produced containers in preform decontamination making use of gaseous H2O2. But, it now uses aseptic blow moulder for the same and fills the containers in aseptic mode. Thus, the containers, as well as the product, are processed completely in aseptic mode.

The Contiform AseptBloc not only ensures excellent microbiological safety levels but promises cost-effectiveness as well. Since it distributes with a hygiene center and sterile-water UHT. Also, it does not use water during the production process. This is why Jus de Fruits d’Alsaceis able to save on chemicals, energy, and water.

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