JUB Buys Polypropylene Paint Containers

JUB Polypropylene Paint ContainersJUB, Slovenian paint producer, recently purchased RPC Superfos’ injection molded polypropylene paint containers to introduce two novel interior paints.

For its JUPOL Classic and JUPON Trend paint brands, the company has procured the 2.5 L Paintainer® and the 15L SuperOval™ containers. The paint brands are aimed at the DIY market. It is due to the improved quality of the paints that the company bought new containers.

WhileJUPOL Classic will use the 15L SuperOval™ container, JUPOL Trend will use the Paintainer®. JUPOL Classic is a white paint of enhanced quality, and its new container featuring vivid colors will provide it a fresh look along with a design which increases the paint’s potential to make the room brilliant white.

On the other hand, JUPOL Trend comprises various modern shade interior paints, and its pail reflects its name as it provides a cool image with its feature of a black backgroundthat carries a color drop. The latter container even has a musical instrument shown on it that emphasizes every jazzy color.

JUB’s marketing head, JelkaSlatinsek affirmed, “We have experience with both metal and plastic containers, and found that plastic containers meet our requirements.”

“Consumers find the packaging of the entire Jupol product family very recognizable. We strive for consistency and innovation when designing packaging and we are very proud of the new Jupol Trend packaging,” said JelkaSlatinsek.

The company provides paints for DIY as well as professional markets. But of course, packaging has a vital role to play in displaying the purpose of the paint products. JUB completed its 140 years in 2015 and has its roots in domestic Slovenian region as well as around the Balkan area.

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