Interstate Plastics to Streamline Operations by Merging the Two Alabama Branches

Interstate PlasticsInterstate Plastics has recently decided to streamline its operation to boost its logistic efficiency and to ensure  increased customer responsiveness. Going ahead with this it has planned to merge its Birmingham, Alabama Branches. This would be its strategic location with all its machining and inventory operations taking effect from September 5, 2016.

At present, Birmingham operations are carried out in two different locations. One is an inventory location, handling wide niche and commodity plastics, such as Acrylic, HDPE, Acetal, Marine Board, ABS, and UHMW. The other is a machining site, which holds specialization in value added solutions like hole drilling, beveling, routing, and countersunk holes. It also runs other machining and fabrication processes.

Looking at the current growth rates of the two locations, the company decided to restructure them and carry out the operations at a single facility. Interstate Plastics’ Chief Executive Officer, Cole Klokkevold said, “The new space will allow Interstate Plastics to get all operations under one roof, as well as provide a more convenient location to service its customers.”

The novel location will still serve the Mississippi, Georgia,Tennessee, Alabama,South Carolina, and Florida markets. The company said that it will probably take 7 to 9 weeks to restructure the site. It will declare the address of the site in an August release.

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