ILJIN and BASF collaborate to bring world’s first Steel-plastic hybrid Suspension Arm

basf_iljin_hybrid_suspension_armILJIN a leading wheel bearing company based in Korea, has collaborated with BASF to launch the world’s first steel-plastic hybrid suspension arm for new electric vehicles, made with a high-performance polymer Ultramid polyamide (PA6 50% Glass filled grade) from BASF and steel from ILJIN. The suspension arm is 15% lighter than those made with conventional steel stamping.

Andy Postlethwaite, Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, said, “The cooperation demonstrates how BASF contributes to sustainable mobility. By collaborating with partners such as ILJIN, we aim to bring new lightweight solutions to the market, improving fuel efficiency while providing superior product quality for excellent performance.”

BASF’s proprietary CAE (computer-aided engineering) tool, Ultrasim is used to develop the hybrid suspension arm. This tool is able to optimize the component to withstand the high levels of stress imposed on the hybrid suspension arm. Ball joints are made of the engineering plastic Ultramid that has significantly reduced friction for better steering performance and improved damping performance.

Y.C. Lee, the Director, Head of Research & Development Center, ILJIN, commented, “BASF’s lightweight solution not only makes the cars more energy-efficient, but also helps streamline the production with a one-shot injection molding process.”

ILJIN, a global company based in Korea, has more than 32 footprints worldwide. ILJIN has a global market share of 31% of the 3rd generation wheel bearing for global major automotive OEMs.

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