Husky develops a digitalized Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM) for molding

Husky OfficeInjection moulding company Husky has hosted a one-day event at its headquarters in Luxembourg to officially unveil its digital, state-of-the-art Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM).

The attendees of the event included people from industry and media professionals from throughout the region.  Also, the event was successful in showcasing how the company partnered with the Luxembourg Government Departments of Economy and Labor as well as fellow industry leader Siemens to develop a pioneering new digitalised NGOM moulding solution.

John Galt, President and CEO for Husky, said: “The world I experiencing an accelerated pace of digitalisation and it is influencing every aspect of our lives. Husky recognises this shift and we have been actively working to embrace digitalisation for some time.”

“The NGOM programme revolutionises the way we do business, offering enhanced capabilities designed to deliver solutions with unmatched speed and flexibility, reduced overall cost, and a heightened, more accessible experience.”

“Having an end-to-end fully digitalised architecture allows us to leverage our global capacity and quickly scale to new opportunities, so that we can enable our customers to be more competitive and effectively respond to continuously changing consumer buying trends. We are very excited about this development and the possibilities it creates.”

The NGOM process has streamlined hardware ordering and manufacturing from a tedious process that previously used to take several weeks down to just a few hours. Also, the customised stock component scan can now be configured through a web interface and manufactured in a state-of-the-art laboratory through a fully automated process.  Additionally, the proximity between the virtual and physical environments work ensured continuous improvement in the products and services delivered.

Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Management Board of Siemens, said: “An ever-increasing number of industrial enterprises worldwide are well on the way towards Industry 4.0 and are already improving their competitive standing with digital solutions.”

“This applies to all sectors of industry with rapidly changing market demands in which products must be manufactured ever more quickly, flexibly and in diminishing quantities. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Husky on advancing their capability in this area.”

The project that kicked off in early 2017 is now fully operational. Infact, NGOM began taking orders from pilot lines in 2018. This whole system provides global consistency and transparency among multiple manufacturing sites enabling unprecedented capability in speed to market for customers.

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