Huhtamaki launches sustainable Paper Straws

Huhtamaki Paper StrawHuhtamaki has launched sustainable paper straws of high-quality. Straw is an everyday essential used by millions of people, especially when enjoying drinks on-the-go. The company has offered the customers an opportunity to contribute their bit towards the environment by switching to paper straws for consuming cold drinks and other liquids. Thus, the paper straws are likely to serve as an excellent substitute for plastic straws.

Huhtamaki is a pioneer when it comes to making use of materials for making food packaging products. The new paper straw is made up of fiber which comes from sustainably managed forests. Moreover, the paper used in the straws and their wrapping is PEFC certified.

Huhtamaki ensures that the paper straws are manufactured in facilities with the highest safety standards. Also, they are tested and certified for food safety in Europe, China, and the United States.

Neal McCone, Global Category Director, QSR & Beverage from Huhtamaki Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania business segment, explains: “Our paper straws are crafted to be strong, reliable and functional. We have invested in new, purpose-built machinery to deliver premium product quality. We are confident that we can offer paper straws that are durable and superior in performance compared to the current market offering. Our straws are also both odor and taint free.”

He further went on to say: “In addition to new machines we have also invested into new manufacturing setups for paper straws. We look forward to the opportunity to offer a sustainable choice, grow the market and be the leading supplier. With our initial output we are serving McDonald’s in the UK and across Europe as one of their main suppliers.”

Huhtamaki is penetrating all geographies and thus broadening its consumer base. Its also expanding its manufacturing capacity in other key markets like Europe. Huhtamaki’s paper straw offering will include numerous new size variants for satisfying its customers. However, the standard 7.3 mm diameter straw will still be available.

Huhtamaki is expanding its paper straw manufacturing capacity into other key markets across Europe and globally, serving customers across all geographies. The Huhtamaki paper straw offering will include several new size variants in addition to the standard size with 7.3 mm diameter.

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